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Bellagio - Hotel Posta Moltrasio
12 Apr

Lake Como with family: 3 unmissable experiences

“Armando, what are the best activities to experience Lake Como with family?”.This question has been asked many times by the guests of the Hotel Posta; therefore, I decided to write this article in which I recommend the 3 top activities to experience the Lario with family starting from the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio.


Bellagio, one of the unmissable destinations of the Lario, is a characteristic place that totally represents the Italian architecture. If you are in Moltrasio you can not miss it, in this town you and your family can walk along the streets, full of beauty, and even live the experience of getting on a boat. In this village you can admire several noble villas located along the shores of the lake. Reach it starting from the Hotel Posta Moltrasio is very simple, in our blog there is already an article about itarticle about it, in which you can also find advice on what to see in Bellagio.

Bellagio - Hotel Posta Moltrasio

Villa Carlotta

One of the activities that we always recommend to experience Lake Como with family is to visit Villa Carlotta, also this destination is easily accessible starting from our structure. Here you can enjoy the encounter between nature and art. The garden of Villa Carlotta is very large, there are eight hectares of walkable, here your children can discover countless plants and flowers that do not usually grow in northern Italy. In our blog you can read an article about the Botanical Garden of Villa Carlotta. Inside Villa Carlotta, you can get lost in the vast art collection. Villa Carlotta reopens on March 31st, on the official website you can find useful information about schedules and tickets.

Villa Carlotta da Hotel Posta Moltrasio

Alprose Chocolate Museum

Another unmissable experience for families in our area, although a bit further from the banks of the Lario, is the visit to the Alprose chocolate museum located in Caslano 40 km from the Hotel Posta. Here you and your children can discover all the curiosities of chocolate, starting from historical and theoretical facts you get to observe the processing of chocolate. At the end of the visit you will find a tasting of Alprose products in the shop “Nostalgia”, where you can also buy at affordable prices the items you most liked.

These are some of the top activities to experience Lake Como with family, we are waiting for you at the Hotel Posta to advise you and help you organize your activities.

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