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Orticolario sul Lago di Como
1 Oct

At Villa Erba – Lake Como, Orticolario is waiting for you!

From 2rd to 4th October, in the splendid setting of Villa Erba on Lake Como, arrives the appointment with Orticolario, a tribute dedicated to the gardening art and to the charm of flowers.

Lake Como and its beautiful villas create a perfect set for many events, that is unique and evocative. If you are our guest at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio these days, you will be able to participate at a celebration colorful and fragrant. Orticolario is a real tribute to gardening and flowers. Here, a visitor can fully immerse hisself in the colors and scents of nature. This event was born fromĀ the passion of some Como gardening’s and flowers fan, which have joined the love for this art and the will to share this passion with other people, helped by the company Ortofloricola Comense.

Orticolario a Villa Erba Lago di Como

Orticolario a Villa Erba Lago di Como

If you love nature, flowers and the positive sensation that they bring into our lives take advantage of this exhibition on the Lake Como’ shores. You will find, in the ancient and charming Villa Erba, a real nursery where to increaseĀ your knowledge on some topics such as botany, biodiversity and development of the area. The idea of Orticolario is that of a “Gardening evolved”, where all our spaces provided for this art, whether they are large or small, evolve with the change of our emotions and passions, as well as with the passage of time.Ā This increases the need of novelty into ourĀ green areas: perfumes, colors, design and functional furniture’s. Orticolario talks about gardening as a form of art, a language every year more and more international and interesting.

Where can I find Orticolario?

At Villa Erba in Cernobbio, a few kilometers from Moltrasio. Into this greatful andĀ ancient Villa, the exposure Orticolario will be organized in the park, which is right on the shores of Lake Como, and intoĀ the exhibition center.

When can I visit Orticolario?

From 2nd to 4th October 2015. Friday 2rd and Saturday, October 3rd Orticolario opens from 9.00 to 19.30, and Sunday, October 4th will close at 19:00. Find all the information to visit Orticolario here or ask at reception desk atĀ the Hotel Posta Moltrasio: we canĀ help you to organize your day immersed in the scent of the flowers, as always with a smile!

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