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15 Jul

In search of “I promessi sposi”, a Manzoni – inspired itinerary around Lake Como

At least once in life, everyone has heard of “I Promessi Sposi” (literally “The betrothed” a milestone of Italian literature) and of their adventures in “that branch of Lake Como”. Today I want to suggest you a Manzoni – inspired itinerary on the tracks of Manzoni’s masterpiece, for a walk by the Lake with a different atmosphere. The branch of Lake Como narrated in the novel is Lecco’s, as always not far and easily reachable from the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio.

The center of this literary walk is indeed Lecco, a beautiful and stimulating city. Here in the southern part of the city starts your Manzoni – inspired itinerary, more precisely in the Pescarenico neighbourhood, where you will find the remains of Friar Cristoforo’s monastery. Here take some time to visit the church dedicated to Saint Materno and Saint Lucia, hosting some rare wax and papier-mache artworks dated 17th century, and Cerano’s “Trinity”. Afterwards, move to Olate’s neighbourhood, were word has it Lucia was born and the two betrothed finally got married. Then onto the Acquate’s neighbourhood: an old quarrel is still going on between these two neighbourhoods over the ownership of “Lucia’s House”.

Atop Zucco’s promontory, on the other hand, you can see a building nowadays fashioned in the Rational style, but once famed to be ‘Don Rodrigo’s mansion’. Still on the “Promessi Sposi” itinerary, follow a logging road going to Germanedo, walking by the spot of the famous “stakeout”.Going back to the city, this time in the Chiuso neighbourhood, you’ll come across more sites described in Manzoni’s novel. First of all, the tailor’s house where Lucia refuged once freed, where apparently Innominato’s conversion also took place. And as you might know, Innominato also owned a castle, which might have been Somasca’s, situated in the municipality of Vercurago.

A milestone of your itinerary on the tracks of the “Promessi Sposi” is the house of the Manzoni family, a property the writer had to sell, even if reluctantly. Here you can visit the Manzoni Museum, displaying various manuscripts, original editions of his books and many items related to his life or his novels.

Without a doubt, the best thing to do is to follow the itinerary step by step while accompanied by an expert guide, completely immersing you in the novel’s atmosphere, for a fascinating dive in the past and in one of the most known classics of Italian literature. Armando, the staff of the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio and I are ready to help you organizing your Manzoni – inspired itinerary, as always with a smile, ask at the reception!

Photo Credits: Commons Wikimedia

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