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Hotel Posta Moltrasio e Expo 2015
17 Jul

Hotel Posta Moltrasio was visiting Expo 2015 for you

Last week we went to Expo 2015, an opportunity to get a first impression and be able to give you some advice to visit it in the better way. Here you can find our impressions in 10 steps:

Reach Expo 2015 by public transport

Public transports are comfortable and you could come from any part of Italy just below the entry ‘Triulza’. Not only metro and regional trains, also fast trains as “Frecciarossa” or “Italo” stop at ‘Rho Expo’ station.

If you are coming from Como, our advice is to take the train from Chiasso or Albate: in about 40 minutes you could reach directly Expo 2015. With Trenord, instead, you should change at Cadorna station or Bovisa, and than you have to take metro or passerby.

Buy your ticket in advance and well choose the offers.

There are tickets for every kind of need: seasonal, one day, several days or evening ticket. The evening tickets cost only 5 euros and allow you to come to the exhibition site from 7 Pm. to 11 Pm., to see the great show of the “tree of life”. HERE you can read all the offers.

You cannot visit all the pavilions: select before what you would like to visit

The Italian, the Japan and the UAE pavilions are the most popular and usually there is a lot of people waiting for. Get a map before your visit (download it here) and create your “route”.
One of the most visited pavilions is Switzerland: is very interesting the way they emphasized the of Expo’s theme. In fact, there are silos full of food that everyone can freely take, but that stuff should be enough until the end of Expo…Is it there something for everyone? The title is really provocative… We don’t need to say that if everyone will continue to take more food than what they need, it would’t last longer. If you want to visit this pavilion remember that you have reserve it before.

Hotel Posta Moltrasio e Expo 2015 b

You can eat at Expo!

It is not true that everything is expensive. There are starred restaurants, as well as bar and simple self-service. We had lunch with only 10 €: big salad, drink and dessert

Put very comfortable shoes

At Expo 2015 you have to walk, walk, walk and walk…So, wear the most comfortable shoes you have and bring with you a lot patience.

At Expo 2015 water is free

In order to restore the visitors, Expo installed several fountains that distribute fresh water…Bring with you an empty bottle and fill it!

Before visiting Expo 2015, look at the events scheduled

The day we visited Expo 201 was the day of Israel, and we crossed a parade made up of people singing and dancing. Every day there is a different event dedicated to the different ethnic groups and states. Inform you about them and do not miss these wonderful opportunities HERE.

Hotel Posta Moltrasio e Expo 2015 c

You can not walk a lot? Use the shuttle service (free of charge) or the electric transportation (with surcharge)

For old people or disabled, or simply for those who don’t want to walk many kilometers by foot, there are two possibilities: the shuttle ‘moving people’ that runs every 5 minute the Expo perimeter, or the rental of electric vehicles, like small motorcycles. For this one there is a fee to pay it must be booked on the website when you purchase your Expo ticket (here).

What we saw at Expo 2015?

The pavilion of Austria, Vatican, Argentina, Spain, England and Azerbaijan…but especially, a lot of smiling people, with confidence and desire to learn in all serenity.
The feeling that you live is this, and we suggest you to visit one day or more Expo 2015 if you will be our guest at Hotel Posta Moltrasio.

We remind you that for Expo 2015 we have a special promotion that you can find here.
I, Armando and all the staff at the Posta Hotel Moltrasio you are waiting for you, as always, with a smile!

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