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Hotel sul lago di Como che accettano animali
21 Apr

Hotel on Lake Como that accepts dogs? You have found it!

More and more people decide to travel with their faithful companion: your dog! We are really happy to be a hotel on Lake Como that accepts small dogs. It’s many year that we made this choice because we think that our customers’s joy is the first thing we have to preserve. When at the hotel arrive guests accompanied by their 4-legged friends, I am always surprised by the level of empathy that exists between man and animal.

7 tips to make the trip of your special dog

We love animals and our hoteliers and travelers’ experience gave us the info to draw this little list. Simple advices for those who are traveling with your dog and especially for our guests who have chosen the Hotel Posta as a Hotel on Lake Como that accepts dogs.
  1. Before leaving home, consult your veterinarian, this will allow you to clear up ideas and information about any vaccinations to do. Also he would indicate which products you have to take with you as small first aid kit that you have to bring with you anyway.
  2. Use the dog tag which also indicate the owner data and a phone reference. Even if you put the chip, this is the first rule to quickly find your dog if it would go too far from you. We know that exist also a dog tag with GPS connected to your smartphone perfect to immediately find the dog. Very useful!
  3. Use a microchip. You are taking your pet into a new place, whatever happens you’re sure to don’t lose it.
  4. Car trips? Keep safe your dog using the belt (even for the cage). In case of accident it will save both lives.
  5. By train or car you have to keep your head away from the window. The image of an happy dog ​​with his head out the window is something stupid. The truth is that this attitude is very dangerous because exist the risks of crossing objects that are too close to the car. Another problem could be about healthy: you dog could get irritated eyes. Open the window and get in this way fresh air.
  6. Don’t leave alone your dog especially into your car: in particular in the summer it would suffer a lot!
  7. When you arrive at the Hotel open slowly the cage and let check the room, and let secure places where you could hide or slip. It will be in a new place, it will explore: allow your dog to settle gradually to avoid damage for it and to the room.

Hotel on Lake Como with veterinary service

By choosing our hotel you can be sure that your dog will be in a welcoming environment. I remind you that if you need him, Hotel Posta has got its veterinarian service, on request, that can be activated and paid in every moment. Get the info you need at reception upon arrival.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to plan and book your holiday with your 4-legged friend! I, Patrizia and all the staff are waiting for you!

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