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Itinerari trekking Monte Bisbino
23 Jun

Hotels by Lake Como: the ideal starting point for hiking track on Mount Bisbino

Waters and mountains: this match made in heaven is the reason why finding a hotel by Lake Como is fundamental in order to challenge yourself in a sport strongly connected with this area: hiking. Today we want to talk about one of the best known itineraries, the hiking track on Mount Bisbino.

Hiking, what a passion! It is a necessity that comes from inside: the desire of waking up early in the morning, feel the crisp air while preparing the backpack containing sandwiches, water and sunscreen. And then you are off to the starting point, hyped for the hiking excursion to come. And it doesn’t matter how hard it will be, it will always give back aplenty: from atop the mountain, the view is even more breathtaking that what we dared dreaming of, and alone it is enough to repay us of all our efforts.

Today I want to tell you about a beautiful and renowned hiking itinerary. I’m talking about the hiking track on Mount Bisbino. The perfect starting point of this excursion is a hotel by Lake Como, at our Hotel Posta Moltrasio we are waiting for you for a well deserved shower and a delicious dinner by the lake. The track is not extremely long, only 2 hours and a half, and it is an easy one. The track winds from Mount Bisbino till Refuge Bugone then Refuge Morelli and ends at Refuge Binate. You will walk on the first part of the Track n°1 of the famous Road of the Lario’s Mountains. This track is situated at a height, at over 1000 mt above sea level, on the western shore of Lake Como.

hiking trips on Mount Bisbino

The track winds its path on logging roads and on beautiful grassy and sunny ridges. The view is simply breathtaking: your gaze can space from the Po plains that gently embraces the lake in the south, till the Orobie Alps. As usual, the best part of the excursion, together with the view, are the stops at the refuges, where you can have a taste of the local Lario cuisine. Let’s start from atop Mount Bisbino, at a height of 1325 mt and reachable by car from Cernobbia through Rovenna. Here we will take the track behind the Sanctuary, walking in the pinewoods and pastures till Cá Bossi. From this point the track dives into the woods till Colmine del Bugone where, in the most panoramic location and at a height of 1119 mt, we find Refuge Bugone.

We continue cutting through the northern side of Poncione della Costa. Once over Alpe di Crinco, we are back on the top of the ridge, facing the beautiful Lake Como and onto the Murelli mountains, where at the pass we find the Refuge Morelli, nowadays closed. From here we keep going north, along the southern face of San Bernando’s mountain. Afterwards we climb up to a pass beyond which we go down towards the stream Quaglio, till we reach the Refuge Binate.

This track is perfect for both summer and winter, given the almost complete absence of snow at this heights. If we are lucky, in the cedar and spruce woods we will spot some of the local fauna such as owls, foxes, capercaillies and hares. Discover the beautiful nature around the Lario, come visit us at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio and enjoy the magnificent hiking excursions with view on the lake!


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