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Nonno Italo Compleanno Hotel posta Moltrasio
10 Nov

At the Hotel Posta Moltrasio we celebrate Grandfather Italo: 87 years old

In a world where hospitality has sometimes changed its face, becoming fast and cold, Hotel Posta Moltrasio stands out for its strong sense of hospitality, warmth and continuity. Our family management has been brought forward by my us with a deep love for the work for 83 years.

On October 30th, we had the luck and honor to be able to celebrate together our Grandfather Italo’s birthday, 87 years old, and he still works with passion together with us in the Hotel. It’s 60 years that Italo run Hotel Posta Moltrasio, and although officially passed the baton to me and Laura, he still is our mainstay.

His adventure began in 1952, when he was betrothed to Marisa, Sperindio and Armanda’s (my grandparents) daughter. Their family-run, begun in 1932, was carried out by children and grandchildren, always based on the kindness of hospitality, quality services and many smiles.

Grandfather Italo (my dad), despite his old age, is spry and perky, and he is still fully in the pulsating soul of the Hotel. If you come to visit us at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio, you can find him at the Reception desk, where he handles the planning, answers the phone, kindly welcomes the guests. He helps them in each request and tells anecdotes about the history of this beautiful little village perched on the Lake Como. The hotel is his home and is now part of his life.

A holiday at the Hotel Posta is not only relax, but also to feel part of the family. I, Patrizia, the whole family and the staff, as usual, are waiting for you with a smile!


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