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Pane di Como
24 Sep

Good like “pan de Comm”, the typical Como’s bread

Intoxicating the perfume and delicious the flavor; the freshly baked bread from Como brings an immediate treat to whom tries it. The “pan de Comm”, huge commercial pride of the Como bakers.

When you think of Como and of its typical traditional foods maybe the first thing that comes to mind si theMissoltino” , a common lake fish similar to a herring, or maybe a huge plate of  Polenta uncia, bright and yellow like regular polenta, but with the white and creamy layer of cheese on top. You might not think of a fuming hot, crispy golden loaf of bread, one of those really tasty ones, just out of the oven in the early hours of the morning in a local Como bakery. The typical Como bread is a little similar to that of Milanese bread, but it’s important to know that it’s a kind all on its own. There is, in fact, a historical reality far more significant and varied, created over the past 100 years, dough being worked by expert hands, with a  passion for fine flavors and ingredients. It is the craftmans ship of Como bakers,  a small army of about two hundred bakers who every day are committed to the enhancement of their work and their exquisite creations.

At Hotel Posta in Moltrasio we would like the take the advantage of the opportunity to tell our guests about the Lario tradition, to make them a part of one of the great culture of this territory.

“Pan de Comm”, authentic Como bread: here are the small secrets (that make the difference)!

Among the traditional bread types in this area, one is standing out a little more than the others as the oldest as it is referred to in stories dating all the way back to the 900’s as one the best products in Italy: this is the “pan de Comm”, and it is amazing! It’s a loaf of bread with a golden, crispy crust, and with a great smell, wrapped around a soft. What are its secrets then? Only a few know them; sons and ancestors of the great traditional bakers, whom with great passioncontrol the dough, let it grow, from early evening to the first bright hours of the dawn, watching over it every step of the way. One of the most delicate phases it the composition of the so-called “Chariot”, the first sourdough  made of wholegrain flour, reshaped at least a couple of times in the famous “Banquet,” where you add new flour to the dough already leavened. Another practice, fundamental to make the crumb soft and light, involves folding the dough several times and then leaving it to rest. This is how its been done for the past century, and the bakers of modern times have been passed on this invaluable treasure of knowledge. The recipe requests manual handling of the dough, baking in wood stove, and made with genuine primary ingredients; from high quality water to ecological flour.

Como bread, this is why you should try it

Favoring artisan, hand made bread – and this “rule” goes for many products on the market, not just bread – other than buying the better quality product, we are also securing the existence of traditional local products in the years to come.

There is an important initiative to connect Comascan bakers to their city: the agreement between the shops and the “Siticibo service of Banco di Lombardia Food” providing for the daily collection of unsold bread, then delivered to charity facilities along with the occasional “Buy a bread”, where you leave already paid bread to be distributed at the end of the day for those in need.
It is of great interest to bring to the table delicious, healthy dishes but also healthy, and we are pursuing this idea at Hotel Posta in Moltrasio; always offering customers of the “La Veranda” restaurant dishes prepared with passion and paying great attention to quality and detail.

È interesse di tutti portare a tavola pietanze prelibate ma anche salutari, e noi dell’Hotel Posta di Moltrasio perseguiamo quest’idea da sempre, proponendo ai clienti del Ristorante La Veranda piatti preparati con cura all’interno delle nostre cucine senza tralasciare un solo dettaglio.  Armando, myself, and all of the staff are looking forward to giving you some delicious advice; and let you try some great tasting Como bread!

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