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22 Aug

Giovanna chambermaid at Hotel Posta

Today we know well that when we are choosing an Hotel to stay, we consider many features: location, prices, services and breakfast. There is an essential element for us at Hotel Posta Moltrasio, that has become a fundamental plus for our customers: our room are in order, clean and welcoming. People likes Hotel Posta Moltrasio’s rooms because they are different one from each other: they are all curated and welcoming, they offer the pleasure of feeling really at home, even better. Wo has this care in preparing this room that will be ‘your home’ for a few days off? One important part of our Staff: our irreplaceable Giovanna, a chambermaid!

Giovanna, of the Hotel Posta’s staff, guarantees room’s order and cleanliness

Every day Giovanna guarantees room’s service, cleanliness and order, and she always does it with a smile and a kindness that our guests always recognize. Let’s know her a bit more with a little interview:

What’s your name? Giovanna.
What is your job at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio? I’m a chambermaid: every day I take care of rearranging our guests’ rooms or preparing the welcome for the new arrivals.
Where do you come from? Como.
How long have you been at the Hotel Posta? For over 6 years.
Which is your favorite music player? Battisti
What is the best aspect of your job? I like that my work can help to make our guest’s stay unforgettable. We are a team: first guest will be welcome in our beautiful structure, then they arrive into the room. If they would not find the care they are expecting, it would be a problem for everyone. I love doing my job and certainly also receiving guest smiles and thanks.
Which are your Hobbies? To read and to stay with my friends.
What’s your favorite color? Black.
Which thing you can not you live without it? My daughters :-) They are all for me!
Which is your best feature? I’m an altruistic person.

The Hotel Posta Moltrasio’s rooms: discover them now

Le camere dell'Hotel Posta Moltrasio sul Lago di Como

Rooms at Hotel Posta in Moltrasio on Lake Como

Following this link you will find a preview of all our Hotel’s rooms. We did not want, by choice, to select ‘superior’ rooms because all the proposals have a high quality standard. The only difference between one and another is the view: only some have direct sea view on Lake Como.

Contact us for any information and to reserve your room at the Hotel Posta on Lake Como and remember, only on our website the best price is guaranteed!

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