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da Menaggio a Porlezza in bici
9 Sep

From Menaggio to Porlezza by bike

Today I’m going to tell you about a really fun bicycle ride! As it is easy and full of beautiful scenery typical for the Como lake area, I suggest this trip to our clients all the time. Here’s how to go from Menaggio to Porlezza by bike.

Leaving  Menaggio by bike

You head out from Menaggio following the road towards Lugano. After riding through the historical town center, you cross the main road, taking the via Caronti on the left hand side of the Santo Stefano church. Continue to the right, in via Leoni, and shortly after turn to the left on Via C. da Castello that will join via N. Sauro further ahead, and finally it arrives at the fraction of Loveno. 

Loveno was once a popular location for families who spent periods of time in their residences there, and may of the beautiful villas are still to be found; like for example Villa Bel Faggio, Villa Garovaglio, and Villa Mylius; this last which today is head quarters for the cultural Association “Villa Vigoni”, an Italian/German center organizing high level conferences. If you book in advance, you may visit the park on Thursday afternoons. Once you pass Loveno you’ll find “Piamuro” in front of you; a  large meadow valley where you can relax for a while.

Mountains and valleys to disover on your way to Porlezza in bicycle

The route to take is, in order to not get lost, is number “4”, that of Parco Val Sanagra. The road will start going slightly down hill and you will arrive at the Artus Chapel and the river Sanagra, more precisely in Mulino della Valle, where you have to continue on the path without crossing the bridge, close to the Galli bakery and the Old Nail factory that only recently has become a Bed & Breakfast farmhouse.
Next to the farmhouse you’ll find a pretty steep uphill ride that will take you to Codogna (we’re at 450m. altitude), and after  Val Mulini on the road that unites Grandola and Naggio, you will pass in front of another beautiful Villa Camozzi that today functions as Municipal and Etnografic and Naturalistic Museum “Val Sanagra”. From here you go left on via Roma and then right on Via Milano, and this is the road that will lead you to through Gonte and the S. Giovanni Battista Church, and you will now find yourself on a dirt road with Monte Crocione on your left and Monte Galbiga on your right.
Now you’re in the heart of the valley, and very soon you will come upon a small roadside chapel and a crossroads right next to it. Take the road on your left, passing by a old farmhouse on to a cemented road leading through La Santa and towards the natural Lago di Piano.

The former railroad between Menaggio and Porlezza becomes a bicycle path

This is where the story comes to life; you’ve reached a stretch of the former railroad that connected Menaggio and Porlezza but was put out of use in 1939. Fortunately, over time, the mountain community has transformed some sections into tracks for bicycles and pedestrian. Continuing your excursion you will pass next to a campsite by the lake and you’ll reach the House of the Reserve, an area equipped with a small museum, a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.
You’re now back on a dirt road and on your right you can see Mount Brione and Castel S. Pietro, cross the wooden bridge over the river Cuccio and continue on until your Via per Osteno. Not far from here you’ll cross via Prati in order to arrive in the center of Porlezza.

Helpful information on your excursion from Menaggio to Porlezza by bike

This excursion is simple, but pretty long (about 12 km), and suitable for adults and children of all ages. If you get tired just take a break and enjoy the amazing nature around you. This bicycle excursion will bring you unforgettable and magnificent memories, I’m sure!

Itenirary and techical information – Menaggio to Porlezza by bike

  • Itenirary: Menaggio,  Piamuroo,  Codogna,  Gonte, La Santa, La Casa della Riserva, Porlezza
  • total length: 12 km.
  • altitude range:    250 m.
  • tecnica difficulty: medium.

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.Cover ph: Di RaminusFalcon – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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