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Foliage on Lake Como
15 Nov

The foliage on Lake Como: a mix of autumn’s colors

Among the things that lead me to love autumn, there are its beautiful colors, the colors of the leaves that change from day to day, rising gently from green to yellow, to red and finally to brown, then they drop on the ground waiting for the winter. The foliage can be very different from place to place, and varies according to climate and plants that are living in the territory. Here, on Lake Como color gradients are very various at different altitudes.

The mild climate on Lake Como and his green gardens in Autumn

The mild climate on Lake Como and his green gardens in Autumn

Let’s start from below. If you walk along the shores of the lake on a sunny day, the climate can be so mild that it seems summer. The lake’s flora is influenced by this wonderful weather, and despite the 200 meters over the sea level, here you can meet palm trees, prickly pears, flowers and other plants that normally grow much further south, in almost sub-tropical regions. Even if the  sky is grey, the landscape is still very green.

If you decide instead to go up to admire the view from the top, you’ll see that the vegetation changes and the colors become gradually more vivid and varied.
The mountains surrounding Lake Como are covered with conifer forests, poplars and oaks. In some areas, such as in the Intelvi Valley, we also find many chestnut trees (see also our article about chestnuts here)

Foliage colors on Lake Como

Foliage colors on Lake Como

How to enjoy the foliage on Lake Como? It’s very simple. Start from the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio and bring with you hiking shoes and camera. Let’s walk, breathing deeply, observing and enjoying nature. If you choose as a destination of your “foliage tour” one of the many villages of the lake, you can see palm trees wrapped in red ivy or colorful flowers alongside trees now completely orange. If you could drive and you have got a car, choose a walk in the Intelvi Valley’ woods.

And now that the days are getting shorter and the cold evening becomes more and more pungent, once you finish your tour looking for the most beautiful colors, enjoy something warm in the lake-view terrace of our restaurant La Veranda in Moltrasio. We expect you, as always with a smile!

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