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Idrovolante lago di como
1 Jul

Flying on Lake Como by seaplane: an experience you must try!

Volare, oh oh, sing, oh oh oh oh, nel blu dipinto di blu, felice di stare lassù”

D. Modugno

Water, mountains and seaplanes: many tourists who come for the first time on Como Lake are affected by these very special aircraft that take off and land touching its surface. Have you ever flown on an airplane so special? Certainly it is the most original way to see the landscape from above the Lario thanks to the services of the oldest school in the world, the only one in Europe for seaplanes. In fact, this Como Aero Club is  was founded in 1913! If you are only interested in flying without becoming a professional driver, you have to know that this is the place also to book your holiday flight to discover and observe from above the beauties of the Como Lake. With a special plus: the possibility (actually very comfortable and original) to be able to land on the lake’s waters practically everywhere, perfect during your holiday to discover secrets, unique and unrepeatable landscapes and magical places.

A unique experience: the lake, the flight, the cockpit

So many times you have been on the plane, but do not often see a cockpit closely, perhaps even from the inside, where you can touch the instruments on board and assist the piloting live: the emotion just outside the glass of your window. Often this type of flying fascinates even those who have never enjoyed the flight before that time, for its authenticity and simplicity, also thanks to the close relationship that exists between air and water. Feel the engine turning on, the pilot who with his seaplane takes off from the water, getting gradually more and more higher leaving the smallest lake in the background but always beautiful.

Adults become like curious children, who discover the wonders of this type of aircraft looking out the window excited or asking the pilot clarification on how to maneuver this fascinating plane: if shots it goes up, if you push it goes down, and if you turn the hand wheel it turns. Your children will leave you soothed by the propeller noise, leaning relaxed on mom’s shoulder, gently asleep. The liveliest instead will throw the adventurous discovery of the world around them. After landing or before taking off you can realize the dream of a lifetime, to sit in the cabin and try to keep the commands. And if that emotion, adrenaline that flight and that our lake can create are so strong, you can also book a test flight and then decide to take the patent that will allow you to fly.

The seaplane can have so many other more unexpected functions

First it is perfect to cure the fears of those who suffer from the “phobia of flying, since it’s so sure because it can return to the surface at any time and within a few moments. Also seaplane is perfect for socializing, for example using it to get to a place on the lake, or to invite guests to take a flight with you. Another great experience, especially if you’re in a couple, is the flight for those in love, which is in particular proposed for Valentine’s Day but that is proposed at any time of year if you choose to fly with your soul mate. A flight by seaplane on Lake Como can be a wonderful gift idea if you decide to fly on the day of the birthday of someone special or the date of an important anniversary. Often are created event and flights for children who often fly for the first time. From there they would see the places that normally they know from another perspective. The highlight however is the flight of vintage seaplanes, for true connoisseurs.

In short, there are many opportunities to try to fly on Lake Como by seaplane. You can find all the info you need into the Aero Club Como website or you can ask us at our reception, we will be glad to give you all the information for your unforgettable experience!

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