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8 May

Emilio Pucci 1950-1980 . The SILKS of Lake Como


Emilio Pucci Exhibition at Fondazione Ratti The designs on fabrics of Emilio Pucci on Lake Como .
Until 31st October 2014 , the halls of the Museum Textile Studio in Villa Sucota , will host the exhibition Emilio Pucci & Como, 1950-1980 .

” The exhibition , curated by Margherita Rosina and Francina Chiara , analyzes and investigates reports of Pucci with the city of Como and its textile industries , a collaboration that began in the ’50s and never stopped in the following decades .
Through an exhibition divided into sections , the exhibition beginnings documents and the affirmation of the creations of Pucci , from the early designs inspired by the Italian countryside and the local folklore : the sea of Capri, the famous ski resorts in the Alps, the Palio of Siena , the Sicilian traditions the beauty of Florence .

The exhibition aims to promote the results of studies carried on the books of the sample Ravasi of Como , which was the first of the Como textile industry who collaborate with Pucci from the early fifties to the mid sixties. The volumes’ pages , which are part of the collections of MuST , highlight the contribution made to the creations by designers Pucci , printers and Larian dyers , they are able to develop new shades of color such as the ” pink Emilio ” or ” blue Capri .” Complete the course a selection of materials, made ​​in the Como area dating back to the seventies and eighties , further evidence of the long-term collaboration between Pucci and textile district Como .

The exhibition will present samples of textiles , original designs by Pucci , test – cards , accessories and clothing, to document the process : from the original dresses and scarves made ​​famous by the shots of photographers , which are also on display which have marked the history of fashion photography .
In particular POLIteca (Design Knowledge Centre ) – Department of Design and Historical Archives – ASBA – Politecnico di Milano has provided images , preserved in the Fund Haertter , property of the Tremelloni Library , in which are kept the shots of the famous photographer .
From the archive of the Emilio Pucci Foundation of Florence come also numerous images of dresses and scarves that allow you to better understand the use of exposed tissues .

At the entrance of the exhibition four works by Flavio Favelli , built in 2009, representing a small foray in contemporary art .
These works , which are part of the series  “Planisfero e Bar Singapore Palermo” , depart from some of Emilio Pucci scarf on which the artist has intervened by drawing with colored markers . Chosen by Favelli for their style ” out of time” , the silks for Pucci transform and take on new meanings , constituting a direct bridge to the contemporary. ”

VILLA Sucota
Via Per Cernobbio 19 – Como


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