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Alla scoperta dei luoghi dei Promessi Sposi sul Lago di Como - Discovering the places from The Betrothed on Lake Como
12 Oct

Discovering the places from The Betrothed on Lake Como

Quel ramo del lago di Como, che volge a mezzogiorno…

That of The Betrothed is perhaps one of the best-known incipits in Italian literature. The famous novel that narrates the adventures (and misadventures) of the two lovers Renzo and Lucia opens with a wonderful and super-detailed photograph of our Lake Como, and more precisely of the eastern shore that of Lecco. But what are the most characteristic places from The Betrothed that we can visit? Let’s set out right away to discover them!

First stop: Villa Manzoni

Our itinerary starts right from Lecco, the main city on the eastern shore of our lake. Here Manzoni grew up with his family in the splendid Villa Manzoni, which was the residence of the family for more than two centuries. In this villa Alessandro Manzoni spent almost all of his childhood and adolescence, and from its rooms he could enjoy the splendid landscape that ranged from the lake to the crests of Mount Resegone: it was from these visual memories that the inspiration for the setting of the novel arose. The rooms of the villa house the Museo Manzoniano, which displays paintings, original editions, manuscripts and memorabilia related to Manzoni’s life and works.

Moving from the villa in just a 15-minute walk, we can reach Piazza Manzoni to see the famous monument dedicated to the illustrious figure.

Second stop: Rione Pescarenico 

Moving further south in the city, we enter the Pescarenico district, where we find other important places in The Betrothed such as the convent of Fra Cristoforo and the place where Lucia went off in a boat to escape Don Rodrigo’s aims (the Addio ai Monti).

Fra Cristoforo’s convent is the parish church of Santi Materno e Lucia and the former convent are located in Piazza Padre Cristoforo, which is precisely in the Pescarenico district. The church contains some rare works of art from the 1600s, created with wax and papier-mâché, and Cerano’s ” Trinity.”

Third Stop: the districts of Acquate and Olate

Moving now northeast, we will find ourselves in the Acquate neighborhood believed to be the native place of Renzo and Lucia and where the meeting between Don Abbondio and the two Bravi took place. Here we can visit the traditional Casa di Lucia (located on Via Lucia), which today houses an old tavern.

In the Olate district, at the end of the town, is the Church of Saints Vitale and Valeria, which, for most Manzonian scholars, is the parish of Renzo and Lucia as well as Don Abbondio’s church.

Reaching the promontory of Zucco, finally, you will be able to see what is now a rationalist building, but which seems to have once been Don Rodrigo’s “palazzotto.”

Discovering the places from The Betrothed starting from Hotel Posta Moltrasio

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Article written by Rachele Smurro

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