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Villa CArlotta lago di Como
21 Aug

Discover the wonderful Lake Como’s villas

The wonderful Lake Como’s villas are really true art and nature jewels: special places where to dive into the past and imagine past lives on our special Lake Como.

The wonderful Lake Como’s villas: all to discover with a short stay

Also with a short stay on our lake you could admire, take a picture and visit our most beautiful villas: our Hotel is in fact in Moltrasio,in a strategic place near Como. List all of the villas is almost impossible because they are so many and extraordinary: many of them overlook on the lake (so you can admire them with a nice boat trip), others are in the Como area.
Some have become even private homes of Hollywood stars such as George Clooney, or great football players and other VIPs.

Which wonderful Lake Como’s villas do you must absolutely visit?

The wonderful Lake Como’s villas are really a lot, but into this post we would like to suggest you the one that you must visit: If you are visiting Como, lets discover the Neoclassic Villa Olmo, built by Cantoni, a famous architect, the same of Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio. Villa Olmo, with its garden overlooking the lower lake basin, is open to tourists and residents, and for many months every year it is an exclusive location for prestigious art shows, staged in its spectacular halls with rich decorations that will leave you with your mouth open. Equally or most famous is Villa Carlotta in Tramezzo, which is also open for visits with its Italian garden, extraordinary beauty, that includes a wide variety of plants, even exotic ones. Tourists from around the world book would book a stay near to our Lake Como to assist, in the spring, to the azaleas that have made this ancient noble residence really famous. Inside Villa Carlotta you can admire art works and a “living” museum because it was a former residence of Charlotte of Prussia, the character who gave her name to the Villa. Another historic place among the magnificent Lake Como’s villas is Villa Serbelloni, which is located in the charming, picturesque village of Bellagio. Also it is equipped with a lush park open during certain months. In the same town there is also the remarkable Villa Melzi d’Eril. Continuing with the list we could also quote you Villa Balbaniello in Lenno that is a special place, a location for fairytale weddings chosen by many directors as a place to shoot films.

How to organize your visit to the magnificent Lake Como villas?

At your arrival at the hotel, our staff will give you all the information about the best routes, about any guided tours and everything you are interested into to make your stay rich in discoveries from the uniqueness flavor.

We welcome you into our historic Hotel Posta in Moltrasio.

You need only one weekend to enjoy our hospitality and immerse yourself in the Lake Como’s special atmosphere that fascinated in past nobles, rulers and artists.
See you there!

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