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dove mangiare bene a Como
12 Sep

Discover the Lake Como’s typical food

Spending days at Hotel Posta Moltrasio means also making a journey to discovering the Lake Como’s food. On the ground floor of our structure you will find our La Veranda Restaurant: a family-run and nice restaurant that is offering both typical dishes of the Lake Como’s and of Italian and Mediterranean tradition.

Discover the Lake Como’s typical food: lake fish and polenta 

Lake Como, rich in history, art and nature, is also synonymous of ‘good food’. The traditional proposal of the lake Como’s food is done of simple, but tasty and delicious dishes that find their roots in the peasant past culture. This food was typical for both the inhabitants of the small villages that overlook Lake Como, and for the inhabitants of neighboring hills or mountain ranges up to reach nearby Valtellina or Val Chiavenna. When we have a guest in our restaurant, we always look forward to advise on the best typical dish. We remind you that we offer food according to the season and availability: many of our products are in fact zero miles, bought directly from our zone producers to guarantee you genuineness and quality!

‘If you go to Como, you certainly must eat …’

How many times did we hear this sentence? Every place, town, country has its traditions and so here too. So, also into our restaurant we often hear this question: ‘What do you recommend to me, something traditional? What do I absolutely have to eat? …and to drink? … and what could I buy as a typical Lake Como’s product?’ Here is our very personal ranking with typical dishes and products that can not be missed in your taste experience when you’re here, with us on Lake Como:

Lake fish km. zero like the perch: really a delight for every palate!
Dried lake fish, called in local dialect misultin’
The risotto with the perch fish: the true triumph of lake Como’s cuisine
Braised wild boar: there is no autumn or winter for a real Como’s inhabitant without this dish.
Polenta: it’s cooked in all ways, and it’s in all dishes… polenta is the queen of Lake Como’s food. But you can not taste the traditional version: ‘polenta uncia’.
Wine: the mild climate on the lake and the typical mountainous terrain entering in Valtellina are giving us really unique wines!
Honey: 100% made in Como
Olive oil! Would you ever say that? Yet it is always thanks to our wonderful climate that produces really delicious olives: it is not the quantity, but the quality that makes our olive oil unique.
… we could go on with the cheeses or cakes like the “miascia” or “turta di paisan”, the “pan mataloc” and the “resta”, an Easter dessert.

Let’s just say that writing this post also made me hungry! … and if it is not enough, all the staff at La Veranda Restaurant is waiting for you for a unique tasting experience. I remind you that our restaurant is available for ceremonies, buffets, banquets with customizable menus for people who have food intolerance. Contact us and ask for info: Our Chef Paul and all the kitchen staff are waiting for you!

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