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28 Aug

A car ride from Bellagio to the cyclists’ Sanctuary

Como Lake is water and earth, slopes and colorful reflections. The space in which they are meeting is from Bellagio to the cyclists’ Sanctuary, all in a small tour. Besides being one of the most popular cycling routes for lovers of exciting and challenging climbs, the route that we propose can be lived in peace, taking the time to entertain themselves in places of scenic, cultural and sport interest.

Getting to Bellagio starting from Moltrasio

The town of Bellagio is the top tip of the Larian Triangle, beautiful peninsula between the two arms of the lake. From the Hotel Posta Moltrasio you can choose to reach it in two ways. You can go directly along the bank of the western branch using the SS 340 until you reach Cadenabbia and its port; there go up on a ferry used to transport car to go to the Bellagio’s pier. The other alternative is to start from Moltrasio following directions to Como, from here take the SS583, which leads straight to your destination.

Breathtaking views from the Bellagio’s heights

In the itinerary by car from Bellagio to the cyclists Sanctuary we suggest some short stops where you can contemplate some of the most picturesque and spacious and indescribable views of the lake.

Surpassing the seventeenth-century Villa Giulia, follow the signs for Erba and, after a few kilometers, close to the Trattoria La Busciona, here’s the first stage. In front of you you can see the green promontory of Bellagio which faces north, toward the Upper Lake, with the majestic snow-capped mountains in the background. The point that you have to see is, instead to go directly to Chevrio – Makallé, is the Makallé Belvedere, close to the Trattoria Baita Belvedere. Continuing with the car in direction Civenna -Erba, after about 2 km you will have a beautiful view from a Belvedere in Civenna, next to a playground and to the war memorial.

The cyclist sanctuary, or Madonna del Ghisallo

About 3 km from Civenna there is the town of Magreglio and its small Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ghisallo. A legend says that in medieval times, near the sanctuary, a wealthy count had been assaulted by robbers. He could escape the danger after having build a church with a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, that was right there.

The route from Bellagio to the cyclists’ Sanctuary, one of the most popular itineraries for cycling lovers, was often inserted in the “Giro di Lombardia” and into the “Giro d’Italia”, so the Madonna del Ghisallo was proclaimed Universal Patroness of cyclists by Pope Pius XII in 1948. Into the church you will find some memorabilia belonging to cycling champions such as Bartali, Coppi and Moser’s bicycles. Other testimonies of great cyclists of our time are kept in the nearby Museum of Cycling.

Back to Bellagio, between fun and natural wonders

From Ghisallo take the road to Piano Rancio, where after 3 km you reach the Jungle Rider Park, an adventure park to go above floor level, between trees on wooden bridges, ropes and trunks, on easy slopes suitable or other for the more daring.
Again on the road, if you turn left and go into the Menaresta street, where you could have a nice discovery: the source of the River Lambro, the main Brianza river, called also Menaresta because the wellspring from quiet moment goes immediately to a greater extent (in dialect “mena” is “go more”).

Are the surprises over?

If you want to observe a gigantic wonder I suggest you to stop just after the junction, towards Bellagio. There will be waiting, lying next to the road, a great erratic boulder, a monolith broke off from the Alpine rocks and arrived together with glaciers about 12,000 years ago. Take your car, you will have in front the road that takes you straight to the little jewel that is reflected into the two branches of the lake.It’s really lucky to travel and meet such beauty, like the one that you can meet from Bellagio to cyclists Sanctuary. About other routes you can listen about at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, and both me and Patrizia we really know many. We wait for you!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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