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Com’è viva la città, Villa Olmo, Como
20 Oct

Art in Como, “Com’è viva la città” Villa Olmo and Segantini in Caglio

Our area every year hosts several possibilities for art lovers: discover the exhibition “Com’è viva la città” (How alive is the city) – The Art in the City” at Villa Olmo and that of Giuseppe Segantini in Caglio.

Various appointments for art lovers on Lake Como: today we offer you two excellent opportunities not to be missed if you are around here in this period. The first step we suggest is the exhibition “Com’è viva la città” in Como, at the famous and beautiful Villa Olmo. In addition to walking around the beautiful villa’s gardens, right on the lake, you can visit its interior while visiting the exhibition. “Com’è viva la città” talks about the city, its layers, its life and human relations, describes it as part of life lived, and as a place of primary importance for social relationships. The works that you can see are 58, they expose in a different way the daily life told in an original way by Italian and foreign artists, from the birth of the “modern” city until today.

The exhibition, whose title is a tribute to of Gaber’s words, will remain open until November 29th to allow you to admire some works hardly visible elsewhere, because they are part of private collections. Just to name a few, at Villa Olmo you will find works by Warhol, De Chirico, Cattelan, Chia, Lichtenstein and many other artists of considerable importance. At this link you can find all the information you need to visit the exhibition, easily reachable by boat from the Hotel Posta Moltrasio.

Mostra Giovanni Segantini a Caglio

Giovanni Segantini Exhibition in Caglio

The other step we suggest today is accessible by car and is located in the village of Caglio, inside the so-called Larian Triangle, that is on the peninsula between the two branches of Lake Como. Why an exhibition of Segantini in Caglio? To celebrate the 150th birth of this artist who was born near Trento, but who came to live here in 1885 and stayed for many years in Brianza.

Giuseppe Segantini is considered one of the most prominent of divisionism, derivation of neo-impressionism and pointillism variant, very particular: the work is in fact painted by separating the colors in thousands of individual dots or lines that interact with each other. In Caglio you can find a selection of the greatest masterpieces of the artist, who often report peasant life and landscape views. They were printed in giant size and positioned around the village to retrace fully the artistic experience of the painter.

Find more information about Caglio and Segantini’s exhibition clicking here, or ask at our reception at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio: I, Patricia and all the staff will be happy to help you organize your art itinerary, always with a smile!

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