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Vincenzo Bellini e Giuditta Cantù
6 May

Cafe Bellini in Moltrasio is dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini, do you know him?

Knowing Moltrasio and its history is essential for those of us who manages a business here, in this small town of just over a thousand inhabitants on the Lake Como’s west shore. Somehow we are part of the local history since our structure is one by a fascinating past. Today, however, we do not speak about our Hotel but we talk about a place that is right next to us: our Cafe Bellini, a bar where you can sip a coffee with friends or your cool cocktail for an aperitif overlooking the lake. We often find the name “Bellini” in Moltrasio buildings, do you know why?

Cafe Bellini: who was Vincenzo Bellini?

If you are classical music lover you would already know him: Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco was born in Catania in 1801 and unfortunately only lived until 1835. During his lifetime he composed some of the most important opera of the ‘800, some of them were written during the long period he spent in Moltrasio. Some of his most famous works were Norma, I Puritani and La Sonnambula. In Moltrasio he wrote this last work, together with La Straniera. Later he moved to Paris where he remained until his death in 1835.

In Moltrasio Bellini lived for a long time at Villa Salterio, also called Villa Hocevar, that is where there is now our Cafe Bellini with its tympanum and the neoclassical decoration, then he lived at Villa Passalacqua. This house is only 200 meters from our Hotel Posta and during your walk you can admire the monument dedicated to him that was erected by the Circolo Bellini to remember his past in our pleasant village. (We have already spoken about the Circolo Bellini and its appointments here). Villa Passalacqua is really very elegant and beautiful, with its luxury garden overlooking Lake Como. The lake was inspiring Vincenzo Bellini that increased his creativity in this period, also thanks to the collaboration with Giuditta Pasta, his favorite interpreter, who had a home in Blevio, right on the other side of the lake.

Vincenzo Bellini and his love for Giuditta Cantù

Outside the villa you will see an inscription in memory of the past and of this nineteenth-century atmosphere. Bellini was a great artist but he was also a man, and he had his amorous adventures on the shores of our romantic Lake Como. In fact, the composer fell in love with another girl also called Giuditta, Giuditta Cantù, wife of the famous Milan’s businessman Ferdinand Turina. She often visited her lover at the villa, where the two spent together a lot of time.

Judith was a very beautiful and intelligent woman, an art’s lover. She get married very young with Turina although she was not really in love, and this was a mistake. She was struck by Vincenzo Bellini, initially things begins slowly because they had fear about the possible husband’s reactions if the relationship had been discovered. Little by little, however, Giuditta was conquered by Bellini’s charm and savoir faire, and they had a hidden relationship, passionate and intense. Vincenzo Bellini was a guest at their house, the family was an accomplice and even her husband was pleased to have him at home as special guest. The story lasted until the betrayal’s discovery by her husband, that led them to divorce.

In short, even the famous Vincenzo Bellini had his amorous tribulations on the shores of our lake. For this reason and to give a tribute to his music, we decided to dedicate him our Lounge Bar. Come to the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio and give yourself a little relaxation at the Cafe Bellini, it will be a great way to discover with us our past and the Italian opera, we wait you as always with a smile!

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