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boat on the lake Como
10 Apr

The boat on the lake Como: three dreamy areas with a stop at Bellagio

You surely have been told already: the best way to discover this area is by boat on the Lake. Navigating, lightly sliding on the calm waters, enjoying the breeze and the sun on your skin. Below you will find a few tips on places to visit, so you can already start living your dream!

Once arrived at Lake Como, you’ll be suddenly hit by the beauty of this place: behind every corner a different breathtaking view. The only way to visit it all is to explore the lake from its center, thanks to the boats on the Lake. Getting on and off these boats is very simple: you will find a dock in every major locations. I advise buying a ‘free-circulation’ ticket, perfect to visit more than one location in the same day. You also will find a dock right in front of the Hotel Posta Moltrasio!

The Lario area is split in three parts: Alto Lario (Upper Lario), Centro Lago (Lake’s Center) and Ramo di Como (Como’s Branch).

The Alto Lario (Upper Lario)

The Alto Lario is the northern-most part of the Lake, rich in history and untamed wilderness. Here you will find untouched landscapes. From the deck of a boat you can clearly see how Lake Como changes, narrows and becomes more wild. Then all of a sudden the lake widens again, proudly showing the alps at its back. Some of the towns you can visit in this area are Dongo, Gravedona, Domaso, Gera Lario Sorico and last but not least Colico, right under the highest mountain surrounding the Lake, Legnone. If you are passionate about surfing, kiting, sailing, catamaran, canoeing or water-skiing, this is the perfect place for you, thanks to the presence of numerous and famous sailing schools.

The Centro Lago (Lake’s Center)

The Centro Lago is the area where, thanks to the confluence of two branches, the lake takes many different shapes. In some spots is really wide while in others narrows and reaches depths up to 410m. In this area you can admire, during the navigation, many magnificent manors scattered along the lake’s shores, such as Villa Carlotta. With its Monastero and Cipressi manors, Varenna is another fascinating location. To tell it true all the towns in the Centro Lago’s area deserve a visit, they are one prettier than the other. No big surprise that they were the favorite destination of European’s nobility at the turn of the century.  Tremezzo, Griante, Cadenabbia, Menaggio, Bellagio and Varenna are the ideal stops of your day-trip in the Centro Lago.

A must-see: Bellagio, “Lario’s Pearl”

If you are visiting Lake Como you can’t miss Bellagio, also known as the Lario’s Pearl. Here the tourism is high-end, and it is not rare to come across celebrities in search of relaxation. The manors and villages here are full of art, surrounded by a breathtaking scenery. Also you can’t miss Villa Melzi, Villa Serbelloni, Loppia’s characteristic harbor, San Giovanni and La Punta Spartivento.

Ramo di Como (Como’s Branch)

The southern-most part of Lake Como is diverse: the landscape goes from the Alps’s foothills to the plains of Brianza. The climate of this area of the Lake makes it the ideal destination for those in search of a slice of paradise. The many manors built in the 1700s are still standing by the lake’s shores, among perching stone villages. Here, at the very bottom of the lake, Como is waiting for you, made famous by the silk trade.

The ideal starting point of your tour is surely the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio, and not only because it’s located right in front of the boat station. Here you’ll find Armando, the staff and myself waiting for you with a smile, ready to suggest you the best itineraries for wonderful day-trips by boat on Lake Como. We are waiting for you!

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