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7 Jul

Bird of Fire – Como City of Music Festival

Como City of Music Festival …
The city of Como enjoys music and shows.
On Saturday 12th July 12, at 9.30 p.m. , at the Arena of the Teatro Sociale Como in the heart of the city, is staged BIRDS OF FIRE.

“In the show of Mandala Dance Company (a young company founded in 2006), The Firebird Stravinsky’s famous ballet mythological and ancestral traits, becomes the starting point for an initiatory journey towards being self-knowledge and world. It is inspired by the myth of the Phoenix, including a revival and the other, the evolutionary path of every being who was born in the perfection of his innocence, with superlative skills, must be able to miss these, driven by nostalgia for what was, to find these perfections enhanced awareness of what they mean. To this end, the protagonist will go forward in the maze of life, where, between ghosts and monsters created by his own mind, it will be macerated to be reborn from its ashes, transformed.
The choreography and direction are signed by Paola Sorressa proposing a single language that reaches a fluidity of movement with the application of theories of least resistance.
A physical work and dynamic, which blend together floor work, contemporary technique, contact and acrobatic elements. ”

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