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giro del lago di Como in bicicletta
8 Apr

Biking around Lake Como: a unique experience

Choosing to spend your holidays by Lake Como also means getting in touch with nature. There are many tracks siding the Lario, suitable for hiking and biking both, more ore less known. There is surely something for everyone, but for bike lovers the most successful is the one that takes you all around Lake Como.

Already for many years, the Lario’s territory has been a destination for those who have decided to embrace zero-impact sustainable tourism. The Hotel Posta Moltrasio is often chosen because of its strategic position which allows guests to avail themselves of our establishment as the ideal starting point for biking excursions around Lake Como appropriate for any kind of demand: families, children or fitness lovers (more or less fit).

Biking around Lake Como: discovering Lario’s wonders lariane

Lake Como’s tour by bike is a classic or a ‘must have’ (as our American guests like to say), often chosen by Como’s inhabitants that are passionate about biking. It consist of a total of 140km for a maximum of 900mt difference in height, doable in about 5 or 6 hours if moderately fit.

This track will lead you all around the Lario (the famous ‘upside down Y’), touching both Como and Lecco and taking you to visit unique places rich in history and art. Upon leaving Moltrasio you’ll soon encounter towns that look like they came out of a fairy tale, such as Carate Urio and Laglio, famous for its famous inhabitant George Clooney (some parts made fit for biking). Continuing on the ‘Regina Vecchia’ state road you’ll arrive at Argegno (from here connections are possible with Intelvi’s Vale). The next town you’ll encounter is Ossuccio, where you can admire its renowned Romanesque bell tower and starting point for a visit to another ‘must see’ site: Madonna del Soccorso’s Sanctuary, included in Unesco’s World Heritage List. Going back to the bike track, you’ll reach the towns of Cadenebbia and Menaggio and then smaller ones such as Dongo, known because right here Mussolini was arrested, rich in history and mystery (have you ever heard the tale of Dongo’s gold? Soon or later I’ll tell you everything about it…)

Before arriving to the upper part of the lake, Colico, you’ll bike through towns such as Gravedona and Domaso, where you can find plenty of camping sites and during the summer many tourists coming mostly from the north. This is the home town of bike-friendly tourism!

Biking around lake Como

Biking around Lake Como: Lecco’s shore

Once past Colico you’ll ‘board’ the shores of Lecco. After a stop at Piona to visit a famous Abbey (the monks here also produce a spirit you must try), you’ll arrive at Bellano (here I advise you to visit Orrido-Horrid, a river so nasty to deserve that name). Next on are Varenna and Mandello del Lario, also known as Moto Guzzi’s hometown, and last but no least Abbadia Lariana and Lecco.

At this point you have two options: taking the state road or continuing the biking track around the lake. I advise you to follow the first one: you would indeed have to leave the Lake Como behind and go down the old highway towards Como and Erba, but you will find the smaller but evenly characteristic lakes of Annone and Pursiano.

After Pursiano you’ll come across Erba, Lipomo, Como’s center (I’m not gonna talk about its beauties in this post, it would take too long), and biking in total relaxation you’ll arrive at Cernobbio to then end at our Hotel Posta Moltrasio where, after a nice shower, you will be able to finally relax in front of a splendid view while savoring the delicacies that our Restaurant La Veranda has to offer ;-)

Biking around Lake Como: why so successful?

The biking tour around Lake Como is appreciated from both Como’s inhabitants and tourists, and in my experience as hotel owner these are the main reasons:

  • biking around the lake is pleasant because the climate is mild and not foggy, even during fall or winter;
  • biking allows you to take your time and see things you could never see when traveling by car;
  • don’t forget that in the whole 140km you won’t face traffic lights or dangerous crossings (only one at the connection with the highway nr36 at Abadia Lariana);
  • the difference in height along the track is minimal, making it suitable for any biker
  • it’s very easy to find restaurants, cafes and public fountains if you feel the need to refresh and to take some refreshments.
  • ….surely 140km don’t make for a short excursion, but I’m sure I gave you enough reasons to attempt this small endeavor.

How did that song go? “Under the sun, nice to pedal….but it makes you sweaty!”

If you are passionate about biking, now you know about a new place where you are welcomed with open arms for your days of relaxation. Patty, the staff of Hotel Posta Moltrasio and I are waiting for you! (…and who knows, maybe we’ll bike together around Lake Como!)

Ph: Di BKLuis (Opera propria) [CC BY-SA 3.0], by Wikimedia Commons

Ph cover: eBike Shed Ltd


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