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Itinerari in bicicletta su lago di Como
26 Apr

Bicycle tours on Lake Como and surroundings

Cycling passion! Bike lovers are never tired, whenever they have a spare moment they jump on the bike and they go. You can do it also while you are on vacation! Today I would like to tell you about some bicycle routes on Lake Como so loved by local cyclists, trying to help you planning your sport vacation.

Como – Menaggio

This is a great classic of the weekend on Lake Como. The departure is normally from Como, but if you’re on vacation with us do an exception starting from Moltrasio! Go along the Strada Regina direction north, the route is quite simple and it’s all near the Lake Como’s shores. The usual stop is in Argegno, where everyone have a little bit of energy with a good coffee. Then start the road to Menaggio, where you complete the first part of your journey. After a deserved stop perfect to eat something, jump back ion your bicycle direction south repeating the same route.

Moltrasio – Cernobbio – Monte Bisbino

A path that is a little bit more difficult, but if you are passionate and trained you have to go to Monte Bisbino. Starting from Moltrasio go along the Via Regina towards Cernobbio, where begin the difficult road. The climb to Mount Bisbino in fact is tough but it pays the commitment: the panorama that you can admire from the top is really amazing! The path despite the difficulty is also suitable during the summer because it is almost all in the shade. Remember: while you are going to go to the top you are going to swear, but when you come down you will feel cold, so you should take a clean shirt with you.

Itinerari in bicicletta

You can find very different kind of path for your bike on Lake Como!

Moltrasio – Como – Brunate

If you like to ride in the mountains here is another path perfect for you. Reach Como, than there follow the directions to Brunate. The road is narrow and full of hairpin turns, but once at the top you can see the city and the Lake Como from a unique perspective! Also in this case is better to bring a shirt to change for the descent.

Moltrasio – Cernobbio – Val di Muggio

Even from the nearby Cernobbio start a very pretty road that goes to Switzerland, more precisely to the Val di Muggio. This route passes from Cernobbio, where you have to turn towards Chiasso, than go along the Val di Muggio first to Scudellate than to Erbonne, where you can find the border with Switzerland. Here there is a stretch to do with hand-carried bike on the grass for about 1 km. Continue along the Intelvi’s valley towards Porlezza, then turn direction Menaggio. Once back on Lake Como go direction south, after a few kilometers you would be back to Moltrasio.

Hopefully we’ve given you some useful info for your bike tours on Lake Como and surroundings, if you are looking for other paths look at this useful link, you will find very interesting ideas and suggestions. We are waiting for you at the Hotel Posta Moltrasio, as always with a smile!

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