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Cantù and Brianza: wood and design excellence
5 Oct

Cantù and Brianza: wood and design excellence

The Lake Como’s territory always surprise and offer many points of interest.Today I want to talk you about Cantù, which is in the Como’s province, but it is known to be the first city of ‘Brianza’: a green and lush area where from the last centuries the Milan’s people loved to pass their holiday. Of course its strategic importance is given by its position: here it passed the ancient road connecting Milan to Como. For that reason ever the years there were battles, breaks and reunions, such as the one against Federico Barbarossa (1124), or the time when the town hosted the Milan’s nobles who left after the city’s.

Cantù and the area around it, has always been a rich and flourishing land where the inhabitants have a particular aesthetic taste: these people, attending to the nobility, has pushed them to become producers of the famous Cantù’s lace, or to became wood’s craftsmen.In 1797 Cantù became part of the Lario District and the Cisalpina Republic was born. Once again Cantù became the protagonist of an intense industrial development linked to art and crafts. It is no coincidence that the first Italian Art School for Decor was born here in 1882.

Cantù and Brianza: wood and design excellence

Yes, when you say “Cantù and Brianza” it’s like to say “great wood and craftsmen”, that for us are really a big pride. Also today people from all over the world order from these craftsmen furniture and unique pieces. For a lot of years, for example, was celebrated a “Wood Festival”, that was a Maurizio Riva’s idea. He’s a famous local entrepreneurs who aims to bring together and confirm this excellence. Over the years, several important guests and names have been here, like Carlo Cracco, Brunello Cucinelli, Paolo Pininfarina, Mario Bellini and many others.

From Moltrasio to Cantù to discover craftsmanship and wood design

From our Hotel Posta Moltrasio you can reach Cantù by bus or by taxi, that you can book directly at the reception desk.Visit to Cantù and the furniture’s exhibitions, the museum is certainly not one of the most popular trips, but you must discover it for that reason. After Cantù you can visit a village that we have already talked about it: Carimate and its castle. Just like the one-day tour in Varese, Mantua and Pavia that we have already recommended, to discover Cantù will be a way to live the Lake Como’s land with new eyes and experiences.

We look forward to welcome you at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio!

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