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Orrido di Bellano
8 Jun

Discover Bellano on Lake Como

Today with our blog we bring you to discover Bellano, a special village located on the magnificent eastern branch of Lake Como, in the Lecco’s province. Bellano is an ancient and typical village surrounded by fabulous landscapes and fascinating lakefront views.

Discovering Bellano for its typical alleys

We suggest you go for your walk from the Marina square. From here there are narrow alleys, medieval houses, baroque courtyards that will give you unique emotions.
The second stage is certainly the Saints Nazarite and Celso’s Church built by Giovanni Visconti. Thanks to the gothic tabernacle and numerous frescoes belonging to several Lombard artists, it has a great value. Your excursion can continue along the route proposed by Andrea Vitali, a famous Bellano’s writer: a pleasant walk to discover the places that inspired his novels.

‘The horror’s ravine is a horrible horror’: Bellano’s ravine (Orrido di Bellano)

Going up from the historic center of Bellano, you will get to the famous Orrido’s Canyon: a great gorge dug into the rock, used in the past during the iron processing, while today you can see a spectacular waterfall. The name Orrido (that means horrible, terrifying in Italian) is certainly due to the great noise that water produces in its descent downstream and which is audible from the village. The area can be visited thanks to the practical gangway suspended in the air. Near the canyon you can also admire a small and pretty tower on four floors, called ‘The devil’s House‘ for the decorations of mythological figures and historical legends associated.

What to visit after Bellano?

From Bellano, just 3 km away, you can reach Lezzeno’s Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Tears, a destination of great pilgrimage because of the famous episode of the Madonna’s statue that tears blood. Just beyond, you can visit Premana, a popular destination for all craft and ironwork enthusiasts.

How to get to Bellano from our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio?

You can choose the car: after reaching Lecco, along the Lake Como’s ring road or the provincial road.
By boat: it’s a solution that we recommend (in front of our Hotel you can find the boat) because it’s the more comfortable and it permits to enjoy the wonders of our lake in a unique way. When you arrive at Hotel please ask at the reception desk for further informations. We are waiting for you to help you organize your visit to Bellano at its best. You can find more information about Bellano at this link.

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