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beach by Lake Como
3 Aug

Beaches on Lake Como? Here are the best

Are you looking for beaches on Lake Como? If you know where to go, it’s not hard to find one. As I have already said in this post, for those wanting to spend a day or a holiday working on their tan and in total relax, there are plenty of equipped shores available, but for those in search of freedom and a more close contact with nature, it is also possible to spend the day on one of the characteristic beaches facing Lario’s waters.

Alas, Lake Como’s morphology doesn’t allow ample shores, but I am truly convinced that’s exactly what makes these small beaches so beautiful, true natural pearls from where you can fully appreciate the beauty of this lake. Some of these shores are equipped while some aren’t, to allow everyone to enjoy a dive in the lake in total freedom!

The beaches on Lake Como: the eastern shore

Let’s start from the eastern shore: Lecco’s branch. A little norther, Abbadia Lariana overlooks the lake, and it’s here you will find the first free beach, fitted with bathing huts, lawn chairs and a cafe. The ground is made of white pebbles and allows an easy access to the waters.

Going on with the list of Lake Como’s beaches and continuing north on the same shore, we find Mandello del Lario, a characteristic village with an adjacent shore equipped with sunbeds. I advise this beach especially to young people because it’s possible to dive from its dock, allowing for plenty of fun!

Leaving Mandello del Lario, after a few kilometers we encounter Lierna and its spectacular white beach, a sort of natural amphitheater, well known for its beauty. The panoramic position will surely surprise you.

Further on we arrive at Varenna, one of the most characteristic towns around Lake Como: admiring its architecture composed of houses made out of natural stone and crooked small alleys descending to the lake, you will think you have been teleported into a nativity scene. Winding through the alleys down to the lake, you can’t miss the beach where you will find a beautiful terrace from where you can admire the Lario.

From the white shores of Lake Como, we go to the “golden” beach of Bellano: it’s a public beach, untouched but also accessible to people with disabilities.

And before you know it, we arrive at the top of Lake Como: and here we find Colico. The peculiar position of this beach, in fact the wilder and most untouched of them all, makes it always downwind and so it’s a must for those passionate about water sports, sailing, surfing and kite surfing. Absolutely not to miss for those youngsters wanting to spend their holidays at Lake Como practicing their favorite sport.

The beaches on Lake Como: the western shore

Let’s now descend onto the western shore to continue our tour and find more characteristic beaches to visit on Lake Como. The first town we encounter is Domaso, one of the oldest fishing villages and hometown of the Misultin. Here you will find a beach with a mixed ground: half sand and half grass. This particular setup is most suitable for little children and allows for a refreshing bath with complete safety.

Going south a few kilometers we arrive at Gravedona and at a natural beach called Serenella, but it’s a bit further on that we find Dongo (the village famous due to historical events regarding Mussolini) and a beach which has been labelled as ‘excellent’. For this reason it is often crowded. In this case I advise you to get an early start in the morning and take the best spots facing the lake.

Driving on the SS road Regina you’ll encounter San Siro where you can relax on a small natural beach with a bottom made of small white pebbles. The presence of trees allows for some shade and not too distant you can find restaurants and cafes. In the small village of Rezzonico, parking your car on the road side, you can find another beach: keeping the castle at your left go down a small path (some parts are stepped, but it is also accessible to children) and in a few minutes you’ll be by the Lario’s waters. By the small lakefront walk you will also find a cafe.

Further down on the western shore of Lake Como we find Menaggio, a well known touristic attraction due to its beauty. Menaggio also contributes to the list of beaches on Lake Como. Here you will find Lerai’s beach: one of the most frequented by those who want to be in touch with nature but without giving up on comfort. The beach is in fact fully equipped and it is possible to rent canoes and paddle boats.

The next town after Menaggio is Cadenabbia, where besides the Lido you will find a small free beach, but also serviced by rentals that offer beach umbrellas and other equipment. There is also a small cafe if you are looking for refreshments.

Getting closer and closer to our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio you will find Argegno, another small pearl by the lake. Here, besides enjoying the visit to a particularly charming and hospitable town, you will find a very nice and quiet beach called Stevigor, paved by pebbles and grass.

Here are our tips from Hotel Posta Moltrasio

Our suggestions to fully enjoy the many beaches on Lake Como I just talked about are few and simple. First of all, if you can, drive around on a motorbike. If it’s not possible, the roads being narrow and not allowing easy parking, try to get an early morning start or use a bike, sometimes it can be very useful! Also, don’t forget to bring your camera: you will be surprised by Lario’s breathtaking scenery. Finally, if you don’t want to take advantage of one of the many equipped beaches by the Lake Como, don’t forget towels, a hat and sunscreen lotion: the sun rays bounce off the lake waters and become stronger than you think, speeding up the tanning process. If your skin is sensitive, better to protect it.

Here you go: Armando, the staff of the Hotel Postal in Moltrasio and I are waiting to further advise you and make your holiday unforgettable! Contact us, it will be a pleasure for us to help you organize your perfect holiday by our beautiful Lake Como.

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