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overnight stay at Lake Como
4 Feb

An overnight stay at Lake Como: a must if you are crossing Europe north to south

Traveling is a passion shared by many: but when you decide to travel by car, the journey is often long and it is most sensible to split it into segments. That’s how many travelers do, they decide for an overnight stay at Lake Como as a stop of their north-to-south Europe journey.

Traveling, rolling south, as the Italian band ‘Negrita’ used to sing in a famous song. It is so pleasant to leave cold and gray skies behind to find a shining sun, getting hotter and hotter the more you go south. Sometimes it is not needed to travel that much south to find a mild climate and a breathtaking view: Lario is what you are looking for!

After so many kilometers we then advise you to stop: why don’t you stay for a night at Lake Como? In Moltrasio you’ll find everything you need to relax during a long journey: the Restaurant La Veranda is perfect for a relaxing dinner with a view on the lake and then, after a regenerating shower, enjoy your well deserved rest at the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio. But don’t leave just yet, you really must take a walk on the lake front, also perfect if you fell the need to stretch your legs.

Arriving from France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

If you are traveling from the North, a stop at Lake Como is absolutely perfect for you. There are indeed many important connection roads that go through this area, it would be a real pity to drive by without stopping. If you are coming from France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany you can choose to drive through the valley of the Rhein, passing by Frankfurt and then Freiburg. Once you have left Germany and passed the Swiss border, in Basilea you have to take the highway A2 that leads to Chiasso through the S. Gothard tunnel. From there, on the state road 35 ‘dei Giovi’, you’ll arrive at Lake Como in heartbeat.

Arriving from Stuttgart and Baden-W├╝rttemberg

Another option if you are coming from the areas of Stuttgart and Baden-W├╝rttemberg would be to take the highway A81. Afterwards choose the A4 in direction Zurich and then drive through Switzerland following the directions for Luzern. Here the road reconnects to the A2 in direction Chiasso. And again, faster than you would think, you’ll have the opportunity of staying at Lake Como.

overnight stay at Lake Como

Arriving from Bavaria, Franconia, Allgau, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria.

If you are starting your journey slightly more to the east, for example from N├╝rnberg or Franconia, you have two options. The first is to drive by Munich and the Brenner, a not so panoramic route. We instead advise you to choose the second option, allowing you to enjoy the green and gentle scenery of Switzerland with its alpine lakes, journeying through the Allgau and by the lake Boden. This way you’ll drive at the borders between Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany and from here you will find the highways A13 and A2 to then descend south towards Lake Como.

You are almost at your stop at Lake Como.

You are almost there: from Chiasso there are two options to reach Moltrasio by the Lake Como: the fastest is to leave the highway A9 at exit of Como Nord and then to take the state road 340 from Cernobbio direction north. Otherwise, if you prefer to take it slow and to enjoy the wonderful scenery, once in Spl├╝gen take the state road 36 till almost reaching the lake, where you will take the state road 340, also known as State Road ‘Regina’, direction south.

As you can see, there are many roads to take you to Lake Como for an overnight stay, a must stop if you are traveling north-to-south. Choose to visit us in Moltrasio at the Hotel Posta, we will give you a moment of respite from your long drive, nourished by the rhythm of the Lake’s waves and by our smiles.

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