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Argegno Pigra
25 Aug

A walk through art and nature: one-day trip in the Intelvi’s Valley

Look around! A green mantle of open lawns and wooded foliage, ancient walls and art treasures, everything at hand, to discover in a one-day trip in Intelvi’s Valley.

We start from the beautiful town of Argegno, that is a few minutes drive from the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio.

Argegno, a beautiful dock where to start

A small village situated on a quiet cove, reflected on the deeper Lake Como basin. There is a little river that runs through the village, the Telo. On its left side there is a mule track with steps, once animated by farmers who used the mills built along its path. The street leads to the Santuario di Sant’Anna, a seventeenth-century church, decorated and painted by the Masters of Intelvi’s School. From Argegno starts also the Pigra cable car, along a very short way from the truly remarkable slope, arrives to the village, panoramic, ideal starting point for excursions into the mountains, either on foot or by bicycle.

By car up to San Fedele and Lanzo Intelvi

Starting by car from Argegno, the day trip into the Intelvi’s valley continue along the SP13 direction San Fedele Intelvi, which is not only a road between the starting point and destination, but an ongoing opportunity to know beautiful places. Leaving behind the first hairpin turns uphill, your view would be extended over green plains and its ancient chestnut among the few that still stand here in the Lario.

From here it begins a series of fine historical and artistic heritage of the community, exporter of great artistic talents, the Magistri Intelvesi, skilled painters, carvers and sculptors, whose works are known all over Europe. The first stop that I recommend you is at the San Sisinnio church of the small village of Muronico, recognizable from the ancient Romanesque bell tower. The access to the Intelvi’s art packed inside it is not allowed, but in return its parvis is one of the most sought after sights. Even the fascinating Oratorio della Madonna del Restello, that you see down from the road, is the guardian of scagliolas, stucco and frescoes made from artists of the valley. To be able to see the equally valuable you have to reach the church of Sant’Antonio Abate of San Fedele Intelvi, and, in direction Pellio – Lanzo, the church of Santa Maria di Scaria in Lanzo, considered among the examples of late Baroque art among the most remarkable in Europe. Always in Scaria, I suggest you to join the beautiful church of San Nazaro and Celso, where, like in San Fedele, you can look up to the sixteenth century frescoes attributed to Giovanni Andrea De Magistris, a famous local artist.

Before stopping for a nice refreshing break in the center of Lanzo, from Scaria d’Intelvi follow the signs to the summit of Sighignola. There, at the top, waiting for you there is the Italy’s Balcony, more than 1300 meters high, overlooking the Swiss side: the view is wide, from Lugano and the Swiss Alps to the west, until you get to the south, on the lines of Mount Generoso and Capolago.

Other treasures along the way to Porlezza

From Lanzo you can keep a final stretch of your day trip into the Intelvi’s valley taking the road that leads to Porlezza. Immediately after Laino, the birthplace of some of the most famous families of this art school, you can find the San Lorenzo’s church, surrounded by the original Romanesque walls, embellished inside by sublime Baroque decorations.

From the village of Osteno, going along the Lugano lake’s shores direction Porlezza, you can reach the ancient caves of Rescia, where the calcareous waters have modeled for centuries, all twisted and twisted, stalactites and stalagmites.

Just ahead, before the town of Porlezza, it remains standing, the only survivor of the old core of the village, the Romanesque church of San Maurizio, at the foot of Mount Galbiga. Finally arrived in Porlezza, you can turn right towards Menaggio, on the road that takes you to the shores of our Como Lake.

Timeless beauty, art and nature, call on Lake Como generations of explorers and tourists. At the Hotel Posta in Moltrasio we know well it because we have a long family tradition and we are still here to witness it. I, Armando and all the hotel staff are waiting for you!

Ph. credits: Giuseppe Maresca

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