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Weekend Estivo sul Lago di Como
7 Aug

Summer weekend on Lake Como: what can you do?

The Como Lake is a fascinating place: a fact that makes it easy for me to suggest what to go see during a weekend. I’ve decided to concentrate on the most interesting to do and to see during the summer  and leaving out some of the things to do during a weekend in the fall…I’m sure that you’re going to want to come back after seeing what I have prepared for you this weekend! So what are the things to do during a 2 day summer weekend in the Como Lake area?

Let’s start the summer weekend with some relax

First of all, you need to arrive before dinner time on Friday night at Hotel Posta, in order to relax yourself after the trip. Empty you bags, go to your room and take a refreshing shower, and maybe even a nap. Then you return downstairs to our Restaurant La Veranda where you can enjoy the sunset and a delicious meal.

Discovering Lake Como by boat

On Saturday morning I advice you to not sleep in too long…even though a weekend should be relaxing, you should take advantage of the day. Open the hotel window and…the “wow effect” is guaranteed. There is no better way to start the day, I can assure you! Downstairs a large breakfast buffet with a lake view will be waiting for you with all of your breakfast favorites, coffee or cappuccino, there is something for everyone to start the day in the best way. I advice you to dedicate the first day to a boat trip on the lake, in that way uniting a visit to one of the amazing villas and that of the most beautiful villages in the lake area. For example, you can take a boat to visit Bellaggio or Varenna. Ask by the ticket stand on the pier in front of Hotel Posta which ticket to get for you day trip.

cose da fare in 2 giorni sul Lago di Como

Bellagio, the Lake Como Pearl, perfect for a relaxing walk with shopping and breathtaking panoramic views.  A lunch on the lake shore and then, during the afternoon a visit to the Melzi Villa. Another great place to visit is Varenna, on the other branch of the lake, where you can visit the very characteristic town and try out their great food.  After a coffee and a liqeur, some relax in the sun on the lake shore followed by a visit to the Villa Monastero and its gardens, and your program is set for the afternoon. Saturday night, returning home to Moltrasio, your should stop for a drink at Caffè Bellini and have a glass of wine from the region and then dinner on the Veranda. After dinner, go for a nice a digestive walk along the lake, and admire the contours of the mountains rising up high in the dark and reflecting themselves in the water together with the lights from the houses around the lake.

Lake Como’s treasures: the villas and lidos

On Sunday, I know it’s almost time to go back home, but there’s still a little time to visit a terrific place. Take a boat to  Tremezzina and visit what can easily be defined as  the most beautiful villa in all Lake Como: Villa Carlotta and gardens. After the visit, a quick bite to eat while overlooking the lake, and then, a little bit of well deserved rest on the lake beaches, maybe even the one in Moltrasio. Sun screen, waves, and the smell of summer: time flies, and it is already time to say goodbye. But don’t be sad, start programming your next weekend with us right away, there are still lots of things to discover in the lake area.

What do you think about my perfect program for a weekend on the Como lake, and my suggestions to what you should go see during a two day visit on the lake? We all have different taste, and may or may wish to visit different venues. If that is the case, don not hesitate to ask for advice, we will know how to help you program your mini vacation. Like always, we’ll be waiting for you in Moltrasio with a smile!

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