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5 fatti curiosi sul tennis - 5 fun facts about tennis - Hotel Posta Moltrasio
6 Mar

5 fun facts about tennis you absolutely need to know

Tennis is a sport that requires concentration, skills and some competition. If you are a tennis fan or simply want to try a new sport, keep reading our article to find out 5 fun facts about tennis!
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1. Where does the term “love” come from?

In the course of a tennis match, have you ever heard the term “love“?
It is not a reference to love, but rather the word is used in tennis to indicate a score of zero points. The term is said to have originated from the French word “l’oeuf,” meaning egg, used to refer to the zero-point score because the shape of the zero resembles the oval of an egg.

2. Length of tennis strings

Tennis strings are made of nylon or animal tripe, and they need to be replaced regularly because they wear out during play.
Surprisingly, the total length of all strings used in a tennis tournament would be enough to circle the entire world!

3. The longest game in history

Did you know that the longest tennis match ever played lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes? It took place in 2010 between the American tennis player John Isner and the Frenchman Nicolas Mahut at the Wimbledon tournament.
The match spanned three days and ended with a score of 70-68 in the fifth set, with Isner winning the match.

4. Why do tennis players check the ball before serving?

Tennis is a sport in which even the smallest detail can change the outcome, consequently tennis players, before serving, check the ball for signs of wear and tear, thus ensuring that the ball cannot fly in an unpredictable direction. This is why the ball that has just been hit during service rounds is usually replaced with another one.

5. Why are tennis balls specifically yellow in color?

From 1972 it became mandatory to use fluorescent yellow balls in tennis tournaments so that television viewers could clearly see the balls during the match. Before that year, in fact, it was very difficult to spot the balls since they were white in color, thus virtually imperceptible to the viewer’s eyes.

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