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where to eat well in Como
11 Apr

4 culinary specialties of Lake Como

Italy can also be visited by eating: tourism on our peninsula offers countless exciting experiences, from breathtaking views to monuments of historical importance to sampling the culinary specialties offered in each region.
Italian cuisine is definitely diverse, and each part of Italy has a characteristic culinary tradition. Today we are going to tell you about 4 culinary specialties from Lake Como that you can taste at our La Veranda Restaurant in Moltrasio.

Agoni in Carpione

Agoni is a very common freshwater fish in Lake Como, which is precisely why Agoni in Carpione is very popular and appreciated in our area. The recipe sees many variations, each cook giving his own personal touch to this recipe. The dish consists of casserole-fried fish lying on a bed of vegetables (mainly onions or carrots) browned with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, white wine and cloves. The dish is usually served with polenta.
Our chef, Paolo, cooked them in a video that you can find on our Social channels!

Griddled Missoltini del Lario

We have already told you more about this particular specialty. Missoltini or “misultin” are a Lario specialty born from the need to preserve the very abundant catch in some seasons, and has become a real delicacy of our area. They are salted and sun-dried agoni. These fish have become so important in our area that in summer it is possible to participate in many dedicated festivals.
This dish is also often accompanied by Polenta. In addition, the agoni, after treatment, are cooked on the griddle.


In all ways and in all dishes, polenta is the queen of Larian gastronomy. However, you cannot fail to taste the traditional version: ‘polenta uncia‘.
To prepare it according to the Larian culinary tradition, you need a copper pot: any other vessel in fact does not return the same taste while cooking the corn, so our advice is not to use modern or non-stick pans. Polenta uncia is definitely a very fatty and rich dish, worthy in short of a diet that was poor then. Today it is one of the typical and traditional local dishes-a specialty that you can of course also enjoy at our La Veranda Restaurant in Moltrasio.
The chefs and all the staff are at your disposal to take you on a real journey into the taste of the Larian tradition.



Risotto alla Lariana with perch

The last dish we are going to tell you about today is Risotto alla Lariana col pesce persico.
In this case we are talking about another fish, one of the most popular elements of the freshwater catch: the Perch.
There are so many ways to cook it and we have told you about some of them in this article. The most famous pairing is definitely with risotto: the delicate white meat of Perch goes perfectly with the creaminess of risotto. This is a very refined dish, which is served on special occasions such as receptions, weddings and anniversaries.

Where to find these specialties of Lake Como

These 3 Lake Como culinary specialties are very common throughout the Lake Como area and are offered by most restaurants. They are also waiting for you at our La Veranda Restaurant where you can enjoy these delicacies with the breathtaking view of Lake Como. We offer many other dishes, if you are curious to discover them you can check out our menu.
We are waiting for you every weekend to accompany you to discover the specialties of our area, in total relaxation on the shore of Lake Como!

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