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4 idee per un weekend romantico sul Lago di Como | 4 ideas for a romantic weekend on Lake Como
16 Apr

4 ideas for a romantic weekend on Lake Como

Do you want to surprise her or him with a love trip, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, today we give you 4 great ideas for a romantic weekend on Lake Como. Let’s get started right away!

Boat tour on Lake Como

One of the best activities you can do on a romantic weekend on Lake Como is a boat tour. Highly recommended, and it is also possible to choose from three types of boats: in addition to the classic speedboat, there is the ever-romantic sailboat or to top it off, the typical Como boat “LUCIA.”
After all, seeing the lake and the city of Como is always a unique feeling, both for tourists and for Como citizens themselves, and seeing them from another perspective, directly from the lake is an even more unforgettable experience.
Obviously there is always a lot to see so you can either choose the predefined excursions or in agreement with the captain decide the length of the excursion and other possible itineraries according to your needs or interests.

Cable car excursion to Brunate

On the other hand, if you would like to go on an adventure together with your better half, and you suffer from seasickness, don’t worry! We have just the solution for you: an excursion to Brunate via cable car.
In fact, thanks to this proposal of ours, you will experience a real blast of life, through the funicular ride and the various viewpoints offered by Brunate, from which you can admire the entire western Alps, the Po Valley and the Apennines, hence the name by which the municipality is also named, the “Balcony on the Alps” and it is also full of bars and stores that make it perfect for a perfect entertainment of the day. You can learn more in this article.

4 idee per un weekend romantico sul Lago di Como | 4 ideas for a romantic weekend on Lake Como

Day of relaxation and wellness in downtown Como

If all you want to do is spend some time together relaxing and not thinking about anything, here is our fifth proposal for you, a great classic, a spa stay in Como. Treat yourself to a day of pure wellness by taking care, together with your sweetheart or sweetheart of both your body and your mind.
You will enjoy all the benefits brought by saunas, steam baths, ice waterfalls, outdoor iodized salt pool and more! In addition, after the steam bath and special sauna purification treatments, it is always recommended to hydrate, which is why we offer you a wide range of relaxing herbal teas,100% natural, with numerous varieties of flavors, so that you can experience complete relaxation, in different ways and in different flavors.

The perfect ending of a romantic weekend on Lake Como, a dinner at our La veranda restaurant

To end this romantic weekend on Lake Como on a high note, what could be better than a nice dinner in the company of your sweetheart! Our restaurant La Veranda is perfect for this; in fact, in addition to enjoying a breathtaking view, and being located a stone’s throw from the lake, you will have the opportunity to choose what your dinner will be like through the choice of various types of dedicated menus, or even choosing them together with our staff to create the perfect menu for the occasion. Our professional staff will be able to satisfy any kind of palate and need, including any intolerances, vegetarian or celiac people.
All through the use of typical local products and with dishes that are a combination of tradition and innovation, never common, delicious and carefully presented.

Whatever activity you choose for your romantic weekend on Lake Como, we are waiting for you at our Hotel Posta in Moltrasio. Remember that only on our site you can find the best deals for your stay!


Article written by Luca Di Pietro

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