Albergo Ristorante Posta Moltrasio, Piazza S.Rocco, 5, 22010 Moltrasio CO
9 Aug

3 culinary delights you can find on Lake Como

Italian tourism offers a lot of exciting experiences, like breathtaking views, monuments and also many culinary specialties. Italian cuisine is varied and every part of Italy has a characteristic culinary tradition. Today we will tell you about 3 culinary specialties you can find on Lake Como: agoni in carpione, misoltini and risotto with Perch.
5 Aug

“Among the street of a Borgo”: a tour in Moltrasio

Would you like to discover the secrets of a town that remained authentic? A guided tour in Moltrasio is waiting for you. "Among the streets of the Borgo: Moltrasio is revealed" is the initiative organized by the Association of Tour Guides and Tourists of Como and Province in collaboration with the municipality of Moltrasio. A day that bring you to discover the hidden glimpses, the historic buildings and all the peculiarities of Moltrasio.